The Castle Cove Public School Parents and Citizens Association (P&C) compiles Class Lists for each class in the school. These Class Lists are a P&C initiative and are separate to any enrolment forms or personal information submitted to the school. The school does NOT share any parent contact information with the P&C.

The P&C Class lists contain parents’ contact details for use by other parents within the year group to disseminate information about class events or to arrange play dates, parties, car-pooling etc. The contact details are also used by P&C volunteers to email school-related correspondence.

If you would like your contact details to be included on your child’s P&C Class List, we would appreciate you completing the form below.  You need only complete this form if:

  • you have a child starting at the school, or
  • your child has a sibling starting at the school, or
  • you have not completed this form previously, or
  • your current contact details on a Class List have changed

You DO NOT NEED to do anything if your child is a returning student AND we have your up-to-date details; we will use your latest information to compile the next Class List.

This information is for the use of parents and carers of Castle Cove Public School for school-related communications. The list is private to our school community and should not be distributed to any outside sources or used for any non-school related purpose, eg: marketing or SPAM. This list should not be used to contact a parent in the case of a grievance with them, their child or any other school-related issue.  Please always contact the school in these cases. Thank you.

Contact with us by filling out the form below.
**Please make sure you enter you and your child’s surname**
Note: If you are registering a child for Kindy next year, please enter K and the Year (eg: K2019) in the Class field.
Eldest Child
Child 2
Child 3
Child 4
By selecting "I Agree" you give permission for the above details to be included in the relevant Class List and distributed to all parents/carers in your child's year group. Permission is also given to receive email correspondence from P&C volunteers regarding school information.By selecting "I Agree" you are also endorsing Castle Cove Public School's Code of Conduct (which is issued by the School each year and a copy of which is available from the School Office).

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