About Castle Cove Public School Parents and Citizens Association (P&C) 

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We are parents and teachers who want to make Castle Cove Public School the best it can be. We want everyone – students, parents and teachers – to enjoy our wonderful community and give our students the best opportunities we can.

We discuss opportunities. The reports are posted on the website before meetings so everyone can read and come to a meeting if a topic interests them, you can attend a meeting and not be ‘given a job’.

P&C Meetings

Date: The second Tuesday of the first month during term time
Time: 7:00PM
Venue: The Shell

Next P&C Meeting  date and time : Tuesday, 13 August, 7pm in Shell.

Future P&C  Meeting  date and time :  22 October, 7pm in Shell.

The P&C is run by an elected executive comprising President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and nominated parents.  In addition, elected Conveners head up committees covering the key areas of interest to the school community including sports, band, social and fundraising. Officers and conveners are elected at the Annual General Meeting held in February each year.

The CCPS P&C has a number of goals:

  • We provide a means of meeting for parents, staff and citizens of the Castle Cove Community to promote a co-operative spirit amongst everyone;
  • We provide a fundraising body to help raise funds to support additional needs within the school;
  • We help with the co-ordination of communication within the school;
  • We help to provide social and community support within the school.



General Documents
Principles for CCPS Funding Allocation
Treasury Guidelines for Fundraising Events 2019
Event Organisers Expense Template 2019

Signed_Constitution 2018


P&C Committee Roles
President + Role in P&C Association
FAQs about the Roles

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does P&C raise?

The P&C aims to raise a minimum of $150,000 through P&C fees and various fundraising activities throughout the year. Approximately $100,000 is raised through the voluntary P&C fees. A levy of $295 per child is included on the term account.

Why am I being asked to contribute to P&C Fees?


In 2019 the P&C will continue to help the school to go ‘beyond the basics’ and provide more for our children by contributing:

  • $80,000 for specialised teaching support – amounting to an additional 7 days of teaching time every week. These additional teachers conduct valuable learning activities that benefit each child.
  • $40,000 to our ongoing technology purchase and maintenance programme – we now have a fleet of computers, iPads and interactive whiteboards in every classroom.
  • $20,000 to allow teachers to purchase high quality learning materials.
  • $20,000 for special projects within the school
  • Funds towards the ‘shell’ project

How is it decided where the money goes?

Each year a survey is emailed to all parents and teachers. The survey gives every parent and teacher an opportunity to give feedback on how the funds are spent, develop a wishlist for the next year and have a say in the fundraising methods.

The survey results are presented and discussed at a P&C meeting.  Following the meeting the P&C Executive develop the budget for the next year and discuss with the Principal, Mrs Jeanette Cope.  The draft budget is posted on the P&C website, discussed and voted on at the next P&C meeting.

This process ensures that the money raised is channeled to where it is most needed and in line with community wishes.

How has it helped to school in the past?

The P&C also pays for enhancements to the school’s assets and facilities, including classroom computers and iPads, developing and enhancing the school grounds and ensuring that every class room has an air conditioner.  The P&C also periodically funds major building works, such as the building of the COLAs, the school hall and the school library.