Wellbeing Workgroup

Mission Statement: CCPS Wellbeing Working Group

The Wellbeing Working group is a sub-committee of the CCPS P&C. Our current members come from the parent school community, teaching staff at CCPS and a professional counsellor trained in resilience programs for children.

Our Purpose
The purpose of the sub-committee is to support the school and engage the community in matters involving wellbeing. This Wellbeing Working group has the support of the CCPS principal, school executive, staff and the P&C.
The wellbeing of students and staff at CCPS is critical to maintaining an engaging and successful learning environment for all. ‘Wellbeing’ encompasses many elements (cognitive, emotional, social, physical and mindfulness) and focuses on positive outcomes.
The intent of a Wellbeing Forum is to assist the school in informing our community about the school’s wellbeing policies and practices, answer general questions and engage attendees in a constructive discussion about the school’s plans on this priority. Current aspects include: managing positive friendships, resilience, being safe, being respectful and responsible.
The Wellbeing Forum is not a place to raise personal concerns; these should always be addressed in private discussions.

Our Goals
 To enable our children to be happy, healthy, engaged and successful students.
 To enhance a cooperative partnership between home and school in developing student
 To address wellbeing in all forms to the benefit of staff, parents and most importantly, the children.

A Wellbeing Forum will run each term, starting in term 1 2018. The focus for each forum can change, allowing us to build an even stronger partnership and an understanding of how children’s wellbeing is supported at school. By understanding the language used at school, we can build a consistent approach for children both at school and at home (through curriculum, supplementary programs and support from the school, parents and community).

The Wellbeing Working Group will collaborate with the school in selecting forum topics, sourcing external experts to attend our forums, be advised of how wellbeing is measured at school, and celebrate with the whole school community their efforts and successes as our children prosper and thrive.

Please contact Bernice Winoto if you are interested in participating in the workgroup.
Next WellBeing Forum: Tuesday, 3 April.

Final: March 13th 2018