Fundraising & Social Events


Why do we Fundraise?

Government funding only covers costs to a certain point and therefore to bring to life special projects and programs the CCPS P&C conducts additional fundraising throughout the year. This allows us to go beyond the ‘basics, which are provided by the government through our taxes, to provide materials and experiences that further enrich and extend the students’ education.  This funding also makes available to teachers a wider range of professional development and resources.

Towards the end of each year the P&C meets with the Principal to identify where P&C contributions can make the biggest difference in our children’s primary school outcomes and experience.

From this meeting we then build an annual budget to present at our final P&C meeting for the year.  Once this budget is approved it sets the basis for the next years fundraising activities.

Fundraising at CCPS 

Throughout the year we have various fundraising activities that involve the entire school community.  These activities vary from term to term and rely on the wonderful support of everyone. Please refer to the school calendar for planned events.

Social Events at CCPS

Each year there are a number of social events within the school – from class lunches to cocktail parties – there is plenty of social fun for everyone.  Please watch the school calendar for events throughout the year.


We are always looking for individuals and families who are keen to be involved.  If this sounds like you please contact your year co-ordinator with your ideas. Everyone is welcome to be involved.

Treasury Guidelines for Fundraising Events
Event Organiser Expenses Template

If you wish to view or discuss the budget for any event please contact our Social and Fundraising Co-Ordinator