Wellness Committee

The Wellness Committee is a sub-committee of the CCPS P&C.

Our current members come from the parent school community, teaching staff at CCPS and parents with professional counselling experience.

To stay up to date with our forums as well as ongoing advice please join our Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/castlecovewellness

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to support the school and engage the community in matters involving well-being. We have the support of the CCPS principal, school executives, staff and the P&C.

The well-being of students and staff at CCPS is critical to maintain an engaging and successful learning environment for all.

‘Well-being’ encompasses many elements (cognitive, emotional, social, physical and mindfulness) and focuses on positive outcomes.

Interested in help out?

Our committee meets regularly to support the school in wellness initiatives for children and parents.

If you would like to know more or would like to join this enthusiastic group please contact the P&C secretary at ccpspandcsecretary@gmail.com

More Information

Previously held forums have included ‘Healthy Media Diet’, nutrition, cyber safety, sleep, anxiety and mental health.

Below is information from a previous Healthy Media Diet talk. Information from other forums are available on our Facebook page.

Healthy Media Diet

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