P & C Survey

Castle Cove Public School P&C Special Project Survey


  • Survey ran for approx. 5 weeks
  • 111 responses
  • For the major project, overwhelmingly the community voted for the Outdoor learning & play space.
  • For the smaller initiatives, painted asphalt activities and toilet beautification were the most popular. These and other ideas will be considered if there are volunteers willing to assist. So please contact us if you can help! We have a parent interested in starting bush regeneration, but again, if you can also assist please get in touch.
  • For interest in extracurricular activities, art, languages (mainly Mandarin) and choir were in high demand. We have shared these findings with the school however they are not in a position to offer these during school hours/using school staff. But we can organise for these to be offered out of school hours. We are pleased to announce Mandarin will be offered from Term 4, 2019 (www.mandarinstars.com.au). If there is a parent willing to organise art lessons or a choir please contact us, and the P&C are willing to assist where we can. We have a parent interested in starting some art workshops but would appreciate extra help, so please get in touch.  

Major Project

5 Major Project ideas were given (canvassed from Ideas to Jeanette Cope and P&C suggestions)


Major Project Ideas Support this idea # 1 ranked
Outdoor learning & play space  82% 66 (59%)
Bottle refilling station 65% 17 (15%)
Sports coordinator – 1.5 day/week  59% 17 (15%)
Junior side (K-1) half court 59% 8 (7%)
School entrance beautification 26% 3 (3%)


Smaller Initiatives

Included to get feedback on what the community care about and want actioned.


Smaller Initiatives % who support
Painted activities on asphalt (e.g. hopscotch, swirly path) 79%
Toilet ‘beautification’ (new murals, painting) 65%
Bush regeneration of outer areas 57%
Cleaning basketball court surface 48%
Cricket net repairs 43%
School website improvements 27%
Art mural on turquoise building 25%


Interest in Extra-Curricula Classes Number of individual responses % of Survey respondents
Language classes 65 59%
Art classes 67 60%
Group music class – choir 51 46%
Group music class – recorder 12 11%
Group music class – percussion 30 27%