2015 P&C Fees

“technology allows for new tasks or projects that couldn’t have been attempted previously  –  this is where the technology comes into its own. The focus is now moving from using technology to enhance teaching and learning to using it to transform teaching and learning”

Ms Susie Jacobs, Assistant Principle, on why P&C technology funded projects are so important.

The Castle Cove Public School, Parent and Citizen (P&C) committee warmly welcomes each and every family back to school…..especially those with little ones who have just had their very first day at ‘big school’.

I am sure you feel, as we do, very fortunate that our local school is able to provide an excellent well-rounded standard of primary education – a solid platform for our children’s development.

This is in no small part due to CCPS enjoying the support of an active, and big-hearted community over a number of years.  Last year alone we raised over $150,000.00 through P&C fees and fundraising activities.  Thank-you!

This additional income, in 2014, helped to power the school to go ‘beyond the basics’– by reducing class sizes and providing targeted tuition across all years. It also ensured that;

  • 7 days of additional specialist teaching support were provided – every week
  • Ipads were available – in every class
  • Support and enrichment programmes ran – which over 200 students accessed
  • Students benefited from smaller literacy and numeracy classes
  • New readers and maths books provided – across the school
  • New art and sports equipment purchased – such as sporting uniforms.

As one proud mum said about the P&C funded multi-lit programme;

‘I have been thrilled by the way Jasmine has come on with her reading and her confidence – she has improved around 15 reading levels over the last two years. Fantastic! An incredible difference has been made to our lives – a huge thank-you to the Castle Cove community’

The P&C committee are delighted to announce that a minimum of $50K will be ring-fenced for the computer technology programme, to continue to improve on our current system by buying additional new Ipads/computers and maintaining the ones we already have.

Last year we increasingly saw how this investment was being put to good use – such as students using QR codes with the Rhino Trail, and supporting our entries into Chatsfest. The IPADs are also a great source of excitement with the Kindy kids…. don’t worry new mums and dads there are clear rules around what can and can’t be done with them!

This is a fast moving area in the learning environment, and one that both the staff team and parents, via the annual survey, have pin-pointed as a funding priority.

This year the P&C Fees – $275 per child – will be incorporated into the Term 1 Fees sent out by the school.  We have had feedback from both Cammeray and Chatswood schools that this system is favoured, by the majority of parents, for both ease of administration and simplicity over the previous standalone systems. There will also be an opportunity to make an additional tax deductable contribution to the building fund in Term 3.

We look forward to updating on P&C news and progress throughout the year – especially with how we progress with the technology programme. In the meantime I hope that the path back to new classes and packed lunches runs as smoothly as possible!

If you have any questions or feedback about the fundraising programme at Castle Cove School then please email P&C Fundraising representative Olivia Shah – olivia.shah@bigpond.com.

Kind regards
Craig Curtin
2015 P&C President
PS Please visit the P&C’s website here to see our FAQ on P&C Fundraising
PPS  I encourage you to watch our thank-you video here which shows just how grateful the children and teachers have been and what a difference P&C funding makes.

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