Term 3, Week 2

Baked Goodies for the Athletics Carnival

Our school Athletics Carnival for children 8 years and older is coming up on Thursday 31st July and we are currently finalising details for the P&C canteen. The parents from 4M, 4J and 3/4L will be I will manning the stall on the day but we are looking for baked goods to be donated from all parents whose children will be attending.   If you could deliver your items direct to the oval on the day of the carnival (after 9.30am).  If you are unable to attend yourself please drop your items into the office foyer on the morning of the carnival and we can transport them down for you.  We would love anything from cupcakes to brownies to slices or any delicious sweet treats.  If you are able to bake gluten free items we really do appreciate it – we will place these items on a separate table clearly marked.  As always please ensure items are nut free.

I will send a list out later this week letting everyone know what will be available and the prices so children are able to take money along to purchase on the day.  We will have hot dogs on sale for those wanting to purchase lunch.

You should also have received an email direct from the school office last week about registering for the carnival online.  If you did not receive the note please click here to find a copy (but do double check to make sure you have received the email as if not you will need to check with the office that your email address is correct).  Entries need to be finalised by Wednesday 23rd July to be eligible to compete.

Lots of excursions this week so an extra fun week for everyone!

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